Our Story

Myco-Uprrhizal began as baby fruit body of The Olympia Mycelial Network. The Olympia Mycelial Network has been operating as an educational Mushroom Group of the South Sound area.

Myco-Uprrhizal has been operating in the vicinity of Olympia, WA since June 2016. We seek to provide fungi to the masses, and fungal medicine where it is needed. Myco-Uprrhizal is bringing fungi to the public at the West Central Market, Olympia Farmers Market,  East Side Urban Farm & Garden Center, and our Etsy Shop.

The Business started as a fruit body of the Olympia Mycelial Network. This Organization has been educating people about the benefits of fungi as allies in their health, environment, and culinary cuisine since 2011. Group members have been cultivating with this purpose and have put forward the energy to start a business with the same ethics and goals. Myco-Uprrhizal has partnered with Schools, Colleges, and institutions that are also seeking to repair their water and soil and produce hard data with their work. In the long term Myco-Uprrhizal seeks to produce sustainable alternatives to out-dated systems by replacing them with newer infrastructure that includes fungi, and eco-sensitive design.